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Baby quilts, bedding, diaper bags and custom quilts.


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9 Steps to a Bargello Quilt top

Posted on Apr 27 by

Steps to making a bargello quilt top: This is a continuation of our earlier article on bargello quilts. 1-     Cut each fabric into 45-inch cross-grain strips.  For wall-hanging,...


5 Quilt Applique Tips

Posted on Apr 27 by

Quilt appliqué tips: Marking appliqué design on the right side of fabric since we would hand stitch them from the right side, not like piecing that is done on the wrong side. If...


Custom Baby Bedding

Posted on Apr 27 by

Are looking for custom crib bedding? Do you need design advise? I have been hand building custom baby bedding and Cquilts for over 20 years. All of the baby bedding sets on this...


Make a Bargello Quilt

Posted on Apr 24 by

A well-done Bargello quilts has an intricate, breath-taking look, often draw an immediate attention and a wide-eyed, dropped mouth expression from people.  Yet this a simple...


Quilt Cutting Tips

Posted on Apr 3 by

Quilt cutting and fabric tips 1- High quality cutting tools is essential to the perfection of your quilt.  It also save you so much time, and we all need to make the best out of...


Professional Quilting Tips

Posted on Mar 16 by

Tips for the actual quilting: Tight quilting pattern flattens the surface while large, loose quilt raises the surface.  You can use this principle to create more visual impact on...